Herb Planting in April

Last summer I tried to grow tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and all kinds of herbs - everything but the herbs failed. It's difficult to grow vegetables in pots in a garden that is just a patio so I think this year I'll try the tomatoes-in-a-bag and use all the pots to grow herbs and salads instead … Continue reading Herb Planting in April


Ticking off the early signs of spring

It's just past Easter and it's still not warm. In fact, we've had more snow in February-March than I can remember for 5 years. But I'm still spotting some of the early signs of spring so clearly the birds and flowers and getting ready regardless. So far I've seen: Blackthorn bushes flowering Snowdrops, crocuses and … Continue reading Ticking off the early signs of spring

Stationery Goals: my top picks from Old English Company

Every now and again I have a big stationery splurge and I buy loads of notebooks, pens, and random little things for my desk. Much has been written about the strange rise of the stationery nerd and why we fetishize fountain pens, composition notebooks and washi tape, so I won't add much to that debate … Continue reading Stationery Goals: my top picks from Old English Company

Big Garden Birdwatch 2018 Results

Good morning! I've not been blogging very much lately because - to cut a dull story short - I accidentally removed my WordPress plan and now I have basically no storage space. As most of my posts involve photos, this is a problem. I expect I will have to rip myself off and upgrade again … Continue reading Big Garden Birdwatch 2018 Results

Wildlife focus: great-spotted woodpecker

Welcome to the second in my wildlife focus blog series (did you catch the first on the mole?) and in this one I'm sharing some facts about the great spotted woodpecker. You can tell them apart from their lesser cousins by their distinctive black and white wings, white shoulder part, and scarlet flashes on the … Continue reading Wildlife focus: great-spotted woodpecker

Homemade Granola

I'll admit it, I initially attempted to make granola bars but I got the liquid ingredient measurements clearly wrong - basically, the bars instantly disintegrated. But I'm an improviser so I made granola instead. Yeah, I just let it crumble a bit and used it as normal granola. I'm still a legit food blogger, right?! … Continue reading Homemade Granola

A nuthatch in the woods.

The nuthatch has got to be one of the most elegant woodland birds. The way it feeds upside and hops acrobatically along the branch is really quite artistic. It's colours are muted and simple - grey on top, chestnut underneath, that stripe of black across the eyes like the Mask of Zorro. I took these … Continue reading A nuthatch in the woods.