Addicted to Pinterest again

Check out my Pinterest! I've just spent hours finding awesome ideas for things to upcycle! Think a trip to the junk yard tomorrow is in order.


Classic veggie moussaka 

Are you wondering what I had for my dinner?  I thought so.  Tonight we made a really simple homemade moussaka,  with roaster veg, lentils, and a yoghurt sauce, with feta crumbled all over.   Before:  We also added leeks and courgettes (not photographed as the shopping had not yet been delivered.)  After:  This constituted 7 … Continue reading Classic veggie moussaka 

I’m worried about the new Environment Secretary

If you've been too absorbed in Pokemon this week, you may be forgiven for missing the disastrous appointment of Angela Leadsom as Environment Secretary. Newly 'crowned' Theresa May (she has not actually been elected) has selected one of the least appropriate people to this position. Are we being hilariously trolled? Sadly not. Our new Environment Secretary wants to see the … Continue reading I’m worried about the new Environment Secretary