National Trust returns to its wild roots

  The National Trust is a much-loved heritage organisation in the UK that protects interesting or historic buildings, manages and conserves the site and land, and provides access to the public. But did you know it allows promises to protect plant and animal life? The commitment is even within its founding principles: The National Trust … Continue reading National Trust returns to its wild roots


Signs of spring

It's time to ditch the heavy winter coats, set┬áthe central heating down a notch, and start preparing the garden because everyone's favourite season is fast approaching. My walks home from work between 5-6pm are no longer cloaked in darkness and I'm starting to notice bulbs and blossom coming out. Here are my most encouraging signs … Continue reading Signs of spring

Why do birds bathe?

One of those funny little mysteries of science is that we don't really know exactly why birds bathe. Of course, like most┬áspecies they need water for sustenance but do they really need to bathe in water to keep clean when other furry creatures keep their fur and feathers clean through grooming? And why do they … Continue reading Why do birds bathe?