Recipe post: herby cheese scones

This is one of my simplest and most satisfying recipes: homemade herby cheese scones. I'm a sucker for a cheese scone anyway, but adding rosemary makes such a difference.  I first cut the dough using a teeny tiny cutter but for my second attempt I just shaped the dough myself into large scone-shaped balls and … Continue reading Recipe post: herby cheese scones


On the importance of house plants

I have a minor obsession with house plants. I've got spider plants, rubber plants, ivy trailing everywhere around my home. I frequently run out of pots to put them in and have to buy more pots; this frees up the smaller pots, and I buy more plants. Vicious cycle. But I really do think they … Continue reading On the importance of house plants

Is it too late for my May Favourites

I've never done one of these monthly favourite blog posts before so I thought I'd join in and see how it goes. These are some of the things I've been enjoying in the last month (I know I'm a few days late but hey...) New Toms Toms are some of my favourite summer shoes, though … Continue reading Is it too late for my May Favourites

GE17: Manifestos on the Environment

Less than a week to go until the "snap" General Election 2017 that nobody wanted but what are the parties promising on the environment? Here's a quick summary: Green Party preserve all EU environmental laws and principles after Brexit introduce Environment Protection Act to preserve wildlife and habitats and ensure all have right to access … Continue reading GE17: Manifestos on the Environment