Fegg: the fake egg has finally been created!

I know that egg replacer has been around for ages and it a pretty decent alternative to the real thing in terms of baking, but I never expected that science could replicate the true uniqueness of an actual egg. Science has done just that: there will soon be such a thing as a vegan boiled … Continue reading Fegg: the fake egg has finally been created!


For the Love of Quinoa – Indigo Herbs Review

After a week of unhealthy dinners it has been an inspiration to receive three huge packs of quinoa from the kind souls at Indigo Herbs, who asked me to review a few of their products on my blog. Indigo Herbs are a family-owned business based in the alternative town of Glastonbury in Somerset, selling an vast range … Continue reading For the Love of Quinoa – Indigo Herbs Review

Autumn skin and hair care

1st of September and the weather changes and I need to dig out my scarves and winter boots. Rain, wind, and it's all got a bit gloomy. As seasons change, I find different skin products assemble themselves in my cupboards and I need something more substantial to get through the cold, dark months. This is … Continue reading Autumn skin and hair care

A September day at Strumpshaw fen

Today we went for a trip out in the windy autumnal weather to Strumpshaw fen in Norfolk. It's an RSPB reserve famous for its bitterns, kingfishers and swallowtails (though of course no swallowtails this time of year). It's largely a broadland habitat, with reedbeds and marshes, loved by bitterns, marsh harriers, otters and wader birds, … Continue reading A September day at Strumpshaw fen

The Bus Papers…part one

Citizen science at its best!

The Arty Plantsman

I hope this might amuse.

Back in 2005 I was not in a happy place. When I’m depressed my closer colleagues can usually tell because I act out a bit and my humour gets reckless. Not cruel, just a bit off-the-wall. I started writing a series of spoof scientific papers based on my discomfort of sharing a double seat on public transport (we all know that feeling). The papers became rather deranged by the time the third one appeared, with my bitterness and loneliness becoming quite obvious. Before you ask – yes I genuinely did carry out the experiments described. This is the first:



D.Sleep, Lancaster, UK


We present a possible solution to the awkwardness of sharing a double seat with a stranger on public transport. The only tools required are easily obtainable comestibles.

Materials &…

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August – Cruelty Free Skincare Favourites

Hello! It's another monthly favourites post and this one of about some cruelty-free skincare products I've discovered recently. For years I eschewed the idea of expanding my limited beauty and skincare collection for several reasons: fear it was tested on animals; a general mistrust of trying to look one's best; and a basic laziness and … Continue reading August – Cruelty Free Skincare Favourites

Montagu’s Harrier killed

Last month came the sad news that Sally, a Montagu's Harrier featured on BBC Autumnwatch, had gone missing and presumably killed illegally. The bird was tagged and released into the wild on the show last year and researchers followed her migration to and from Africa. The RSPB, who were monitoring Sally's progress, lost track of … Continue reading Montagu’s Harrier killed