Insect Loss

Much has been made of the insect Armageddon news this month - that the massive decline in insect life is overwhelmingly terrible for the world. Conservationists and entomologists have been warning about this for years but perhaps the extent of the decline has been so far unknown. New research, however, has found that three quarters … Continue reading Insect Loss


ORGANii: Soap & Shower Gel Review

I've been delving deeper into vegan & organic natural skincare recently and on my hunt for ethical, organic products I have come across a really great brand called ORGANii; their range includes shower gels, body wash, soaps, and sun cream, and they are all about natural, organic ingredients - and everything is suitable for vegans! … Continue reading ORGANii: Soap & Shower Gel Review

Butterfly Confetti: a dangerous trend

It's a very Instagrammable site - releasing beautiful butterflies from boxes at weddings and funerals. But this growing trend is a huge concern to wildlife groups as the non-native species will not be able to breed or survive as their food source is unavailable in this country. It is also illegal to release a non-native … Continue reading Butterfly Confetti: a dangerous trend

Red Squirrels and Nuthatches

A short post today containing some photos I took at Pensthorpe Natural Park in Norfolk this Sunday. We go there quite a bit as we have an annual membership so we're getting to see the park in all seasons this year which is quite interesting. This is by no means everything that Pensthorpe has to … Continue reading Red Squirrels and Nuthatches

Wildlife Selfie Code

A wildlife conservation charity called World Animal Protection is asking people to pledge to follow their Wildlife Selfie Code, which aims to educate tourists on how best to interact with wild animals. The growing trend for taking selfies with wild animals is having a devastating effect on the animals captured for photographs and for threatened … Continue reading Wildlife Selfie Code

Autumn Signs to Watch For

What's not to love about autumn? The falling of the leaves; the darkening of the nights; the retreat of certain species and the emergence of others. This post is about the first signs of autumn and what to watch out for. Fungi Probably one of the first signs of the changing seasons, fungi start to … Continue reading Autumn Signs to Watch For