Wintry Walks in the Woodlands

We’re approaching freezing temperatures now so it’s getting harder to spot wildlife as it is sensibly staying out of the open. I’ve put together a short collection of some photos I have managed to get in various woodlands in Norfolk.

IMG_1274 2

 Marsh tit

IMG_1255 2

IMG_1248 2

Stag Sculpture

IMG_1257 2

Bluetits on the feeder


IMG_1265 2

It’s like Disney!

IMG_1264 2

A festive fave



Ruddy shelduck

IMG_1278 2


Reeds on a grey day


Bark and moss





Another festive robin


Wrapped up


17 responses

  1. Wonderful photos. :-) The male deer in the middle of the path is stupendous. :-)
    I just found this out about antlers; ‘During growth, they are said to be ‘in velvet’, and they are shed or cast the following spring. Male deer are known as stags or bucks. With the exception of Chinese Water Deer, all male deer grow antlers. The only female deer to grow antlers is the Reindeer or Caribou.’

    • I had to look up DHA, I know it as Omega 3. I agree, very important to get the right nutrients and supplements are the simplest way to do that. I’ve actually recently bought one of those weekly pill things where you can sort out all your meds and vitamins by day for the whole week – I got sick of opening so many bottles and blister packs every morning!

      Vegetarian since 73 is quite an accomplishment, well done indeed!

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