Horsey Seals

New Years Day 2018 prompted a trip to see the grey seals on Horsey beach in Norfolk. I don’t know why I have never done this before as it seems to be such a popular day out in Norfolk, judging by the hundreds of people who showed up on New Years Day.

Seal fact: did you know that the scientific name Halichoerus grypus translates as “hook-nosed sea pig” !!

I’m sorry for all the seal spam coming your way but they are too cute not to share!




13 thoughts on “Horsey Seals

  1. How cool are these!! I saw a beach in California with like 1,000 seals on it – Impressive! Thanks for the Like at DailyBiblePrayer. I think you’d also enjoy As we look at nature and marvel. we are hearing for the Creator. May you be blessed. Laura

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