Wintry walks: the beast from the east

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV screen or radio or – god forbid – been outdoors, you may have noticed we’ve quite a bit of snow. I don’t remember snow like this for about 5 years and it’s so rare.

I’m not one for snowball fights – I have a very low tolerance for extreme temperatures in either direction – but I am one for taking photos when the landscape changes so dramatically. Here’s a few I’ve taken over the last few days as the office has been closed and I’ve been snowed in working from home.


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  1. Oh My your photos are beautiful. We just had a lovely soft snowfall this year, unusual in North Carolina USA. So I can picture, and even feel, the snow, trees, cold in your pictures. Our daughter was born in the UK. We miss it. I have a few of our wintry meadow and woods in my blog at Pop over if you have time. I miss England!!! Nina Naomi

  2. Beautiful pics – I especially like the bird photo – is that a woodpecker? I live in Scotland, so we’ve had an encounter with ‘The Beast from the East’ too – I can’t wait for spring and maybe even some sunshine to arrive!!! 🙂

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