Wintry walks: the beast from the east

If you've been anywhere near a TV screen or radio or - god forbid - been outdoors, you may have noticed we've quite a bit of snow. I don't remember snow like this for about 5 years and it's so rare. I'm not one for snowball fights - I have a very low tolerance for … Continue reading Wintry walks: the beast from the east


Autumn Walks: Taverham Mill in Norfolk

Hello and welcome to Autumn! Isn't it wonderful? Here's a few photos of what I've been up to so far this season. Recently I visited Taverham Mill in Norfolk. Here is a nature reserve on my doorstep that I didn't even know about (because I thought it was just a fishery, which it is also … Continue reading Autumn Walks: Taverham Mill in Norfolk

Red Squirrels and Nuthatches

A short post today containing some photos I took at Pensthorpe Natural Park in Norfolk this Sunday. We go there quite a bit as we have an annual membership so we're getting to see the park in all seasons this year which is quite interesting. This is by no means everything that Pensthorpe has to … Continue reading Red Squirrels and Nuthatches

A September day at Strumpshaw fen

Today we went for a trip out in the windy autumnal weather to Strumpshaw fen in Norfolk. It's an RSPB reserve famous for its bitterns, kingfishers and swallowtails (though of course no swallowtails this time of year). It's largely a broadland habitat, with reedbeds and marshes, loved by bitterns, marsh harriers, otters and wader birds, … Continue reading A September day at Strumpshaw fen

The Monkey Selfie Farce

The ongoing saga of the copyright of the famous monkey selfie has probably filtered into your consciousness at some point in the last few years but been dismissed as "some nonsense." Yet the case drags on and the photographer's career - and life - has been basically ruined. David J Slater┬áself-funded a month-long trip around … Continue reading The Monkey Selfie Farce

Spy in the wild

I've been enjoying this new BBC series called┬áSpy in the wild. They send these robot cameras in various disguises to live amongst the animals, blending in and secretly filming. The animatronic spies are very amusing. Here's a good clip that also shows how intelligent and curious animals can be: What has been interesting is … Continue reading Spy in the wild